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Site creator Angela Quintal-Snowman out to dinner with her kids.


You Look Better in Happy started out as an inspirational go-to site for my coaching and consulting clients looking for a daily dose of happiness.  As the site grew I thought it would be nice to share with the many other people who regularly read inspirational thoughts and quotes or who are looking for a change in perspective.  Social media has opened up a whole new doorway for communication and has made it possible for me to connect with people who, like myself, love learning from the timeless wisdom of others…or if you just need a quick pick-me-up!

What does You Look Better in Happy  mean? ツ

I have always enjoyed helping.  When I’m talking with someone who is going through a challenging time I often say to them “You look better in happy.”  When you have a smile on your face you also feel happy.  That is the real purpose of life- happiness.  It’s nice to share that with others.  

Why the funky sideways smiley face?  

It actually isn’t a smiley face at all- it’s the Japanese katakana character for the sound “tsu.”  I like using the symbol to represent a smiley face because it isn’t the cookie-cutter perfect smileys we are used to seeing  :) or =) but is instead far from perfect…like life!

What’s with the logo? 

LogoLovesI chose my kids as my logo because they have taught me a lot about life, love, and happiness.  They are always making me laugh and truly know how to put a smile on my face!  They are silly and fun to be around, and say some of the most unexpected things- always keeping me on my toes!  The original picture was taken at the Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.  The kids found a skeleton of a Giant Sloth and were joking about how it looked like it was going to attack them, so naturally I suggested that would make a great photo.  They were happy to demonstrate how they would look if a Giant Sloth were really looming over them in the “attack pose.”  It seemed like a great photo to use for my logo!

Here is the original picture, Giant Sloth included:


My son and daughter with their friend the Giant Sloth, June of 2011.




















I hope you enjoy this website.  Even if it brings the smallest amount of happiness to your day, it has been a success!

To your happiness,

Angela & kids